Establishing and Running Large Scale
Internet Based (TCP/IP) Services


for the the Netanya Workshop on Networking, November 16-30, 1999.
Networking and Linux Documentation collected and edited by: Samy Zafrany
Netanya Academic College, Israel
Windows NT Documentation collected and edited by: Yossi Klavan
Workshop Director: Amos Israeli

This is the main page of the course booklet. It is mainly based on internet documents and lecture notes by me and other lecturers who were kind enough to put their lecture notes on the Internet. Much effort has been put into making all documents have uniform feel and look.

This booklet is acompanied by a large database of Linux documents that should be consulted for further study and for software installation.

The following is a series of lecture notes that should be studied first.


Table of Contents

PART 1: Networking Protocols, Clients, and Servers

  1. Preface

  2. Basic Concepts of Networking

  3. IP - The Internet Protocol

  4. The IP datagram structure

  5. Other protocols at the network layer

  6. The TCP/IP Transport Layer

  7. DNS - The domain name system


  9. DNS and the Zone Transfer Protocol

  10. Electronic Mail

  11. MIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

  12. POP3 - Post Office Protocol

  13. The Sendmail Program

  14. The TELNET Protocol

  15. FTP - File Transfer Protocol

  16. The Unix ftpd daemon and ftp programs

  17. HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

  18. HTTP - Hyper Text Trasport Protocol

  19. CGI - Common gateway Interface

  20. SSI - Server-Side Includes and its Extensions

  21. CGI and Perl

  22. A simple Introduction to PHP

  23. JavaScript Tutorial


PART 2: Unix/Linux Networking Applications

  1. Introduction to Linux Basic Commands

  2. Linux file system

  3. File permissions

  4. Shell programming with BASH

  5. More shell programming

  6. Linux networking overview

  7. Sendmail - Setting a mail server

  8. ftpd - Setting an ftp server

  9. The Apache web server

  10. The NFS file system

  11. INN - Setting an Internet News Server

  12. PPP - Point to Point Protocol

  13. More Technical Linux Documents for further study and Installation time.


PART 3: Windows NT Networking Lab

  1. Installation of PDC

  2. Modifying BOOT.INI

  3. Installation of BDC

  4. Server Manager

  5. Adding A Computer to a Domain

  6. Viewing the properties of a computer

  7. Domain Controllers versus Workstations

  8. Promoting Backup Domain Controllers

  9. Investigate Default User and Group Policies

  10. Creating a user account

  11. Creating a local group

  12. Creating a share and assigning permission rights

  13. Home directories

  14. User Profiles

  15. Login Scripts and System Policies

  16. Synchronizing Domains and Replication

  17. Audit Policies

  18. Printing

  19. Trusts

  20. Installing a Service Pack Update

  21. TCP/IP