Linux Networking Documents
Prepared by Dr. Samy Zafrany
Netanya Academic College, Israel

These are technical documents prepared for Linux Networking as part of the Telematics and Networking Workshop that was held at the African advanced level telecommunication institute (AFRALTI), Nairobi, Kenya, August 9-20, 1999, and later to be continued at The Netanya Academic College, Israel, November 16-30, 1999.

These documents should acomapny the course booklet which is more concise (basically lecture notes for the course sessions). Hopefully both will be available on the course CDROM for all students.

This is basically a large database of internet documents (from the The Linux Documentation Project ) for learning and setting Linux network services, that tries to cover almost all aspects of Linux Networking issues. It is probably more than can be covered on a short course but may be used for reference and for further study and for installation time.

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Please note that many of the files in this archive as in many other Linux archives are in PostScript format (ps or eps or pdf). You need a software like "GhostView" in order to be able to view them and print them. Sometimes you will also need program like zip, gzip, or "Winzip95.exe" (on win95) to unzip the files. If you use Windows 95 (or NT), click here to download the most recent version of Ghostview for Windows 95/NT and "Winzip95.exe".