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Students Linux/Web Server

Welcome to the Netanya Academic College Students Linux server. In this server all the computer science students accounts and their www home pages reside.

The main web server of Netanya Academic College lives on our other Linux machine: click here to visit our college main page.

We also have a web server dedicated for course materials and software archives on our other students Linux machine (SUN): click here to visit our course materials and software archive.

We maintain an archive of all past messages about our Linux servers, new programs installed, changes, news, etc, which students usually get by mail (and then forget all about). So if you want to read again those messages click here to go to the SYSTEM MESSAGES ARCHIVE

At the moment you can access from this page all students home pages and email. You may dowload the full tables or initiate a search by name. The tables are long and are generated by a short tcl script. They are automatically updated by this script every midnight, so if you are one of our students and your home page (which you just created) is not active yet, just wait for tomorrow!


You may supply one part of the name (like first name, middle name, or family name) or even a part of a name. (like: "Davi" or "Av", etc).


A good CGI exercise: How to generate these tables? You need to search all the students accounts and identify who have a a home page. How the search is done?

One solution: the tables were produced by a rather short tcl script! View the tables script.

The search is done by the following Tcl script: The search.tcl script.

We are a proud users of the Red hat Linux operating system and the greatest ;-) web server on earth: The Apache Web Server . A proof of this claim can be viewed at the netcraft survey.

The Apache Web Server documentation has been included with this distribution.

For documentation and information on Red Hat Linux, please visit the web site of Red Hat Software .

Click here to get to "Resin Home Page".

Click here to use WEBMAIL for reading your E-Mail

This is an Apache-powered web server.

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This is a Red Hat Linux-powered web server.

[ Powered by Red Hat Linux ]

How to connect to our databases?

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For further questions please conntact the IT team.